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Financial Benefits of Good Ergonomics ─ Short articles on how ergonomics can improve productivity and efficiency as well as cut costs at the same time as improving employee well-being.

25 Ways Ergonomics Can Save You Money ─ A short review of common financial benefits suitable for distribution to managers, engineers, and supervisors in your company.

Case Examples of Ergonomics, Productivity, and Safety a supplement to the above overview.

Increasing Profits with Ergonomics ─ A longer pdf version of the above documents, with additional background and supporting information.


Efficiency and cost savings in a small manufacturing company ─ This cost benefit analysis shows that over a 10-year period, this company invested a total of about $500,000 in ergo improvements which is now yielding yielding an annual savings of over $2,000,000.


Cost Benefits in Paper Manufacturing ─ Details on financial benefits of ergonomics from a company with a good, comprehensive program.

Success in the Meatpacking Industry ─ An overview of improvements in this industry that has been key in the efforts to learn how to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

My Favorite Success Stories A number of stories and examples of low tech, low cost workplace improvements.

The Potter's Wheel

The Ribbon Tying Device

The Power Wash

Backwoods "Pile Driver"

Duck tape and PVC pipe

The absolute best tools for ergonomics task analysis

Ergonomics for Beginners If you are just learning about ergonomics and how you can make your own work area better, these short educational articles may be helpful to you.

What Is Ergonomics, Anyway?

Ergonomics . . . it sounds hard and expensive.   And what a funny word.

10 Principles of Ergonomics.  An introduction to the field.

Your Computer Workstation.  Tips on setting up your own workstation.  Comments on new computer hardware that can help you.

90 - 90 - 90 and All That.  Summaries of several studies that show the best sitting posture is a semi-crouch position, not a right angle.

"Historical" Ergonomics In many ways, there is nothing new about ergonomics.  And clearly Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) have been a problem throughout the ages.

MSDs in the 1700s — quotes from the hard-to-find 1713 publication of Ramazzini, the founder of occupational medicine.

MSDs in Literature references to MSDs from times past as found in literature.

Ergonomics is a Tradition examples of antique tools that show basic principles in ergonomics.

Articles for practitioners Here's a number of short articles that may be of interest to practitioners in the field.

Time and Physical Demands Analysis An overview of a quantitative task evaluation method that I have found to be very helpful.

A New Regulatory Model for OSHA Thoughts on developing a 21st Century approach to government regulation.

    Ergonomics Task Analysis – Picking the Right Tool

    A Report on Job Rotation

    Why Sweden Leads the World in Ergonomics

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