Training Materials

Dan has developed an integrated package of training materials that you can use to empower your organization: 

- full length texts and reference books
- short training booklets
- training videotapes and PowerPoint presentations
- support materials, including worksheets, checklists, and survey forms

Dan has used his well-known style of plain language and down-to-earth information in all of these materials.  He has continually updated the materials over a 30+ year period.  All are heavily illustrated and include best practices that he has helped develop in some of the nation's largest and best-managed companies. 

Books by Dan MacLeod:
Available on Amazon or Taylor & Francis/CRC Press websites, or directly from Dan at (570) 242 4664 or
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(Second Edition, Taylor & Francis, 2006)

An excellent "how to" book for ergonomics practitioners on setting up practical workplace ergonomics programs in general industry.  Includes electronic versions of checklists, worksheets, and a PowerPoint presentation.

(Second Edition, Taylor & Francis, 2013)
A down-to-earth basic text on industrial ergonomics for production engineers and safety and health professionals.